Why Do a Personal History?

For you.  For your family.  For generations to come.

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The Many Benefits of “Life Review”

In addition to yielding a priceless heirloom for your family, creating a personal history might well be a very moving and satisfying process for you. Telling the stories of how we came to be who we are involves looking at our life’s events and experiences as a whole — something we’re unlikely to do otherwise, ever.

A personal history — also known as a “life review” to psychologists — can have many positive effects. It can bring on feelings of pride in our accomplishments, a recognition of the ebb and flow of our passions and priorities, or an assessment of how best to use our time for the benefit of ourselves, our family, and our community. For most people, recounting the stories of their lives is a moving, hopeful, and even joyful process.

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Fresh Perspective for a Life Renewed

In times of life transition or upset, it can be hard to see through the fog of emotion, understand how we got here, and figure out how best to move forward. Taking the time to dialogue through a life review can provide useful perspective. Looking at our life as a whole reveals patterns and passions — perhaps both positive and negative — that often point the way forward with new-found clarity.

Wherever you find yourself along your life journey, we can tailor your personal-history interview to meet your needs and objectives.

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