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Live On is a small, family-run business. In the course of our careers in family counseling, law, teaching, writing, and guiding, we’ve learned how to talk with people about their lives — and also how to listen.

Starting with our Holocaust-survivor parents, we’ve been conducting personal-history interviews for many years and in many contexts.

We’ve found the personal-history business to be a win-win-win proposition: The subject of the interview enjoys a meaningful “life review,” his or her family receives an invaluable keepsake for the ages, and we’re thrilled to facilitate the process as seamlessly as possible.

The Simon family (1957)
The Simon siblings (circa 1957). including Ruth (top-right) and David (middle-right).

Ruth Luban


As a counselor and consultant in private practice, Ruth has spent 40 years creating programs for people in career, relationship, and life transitions. She authored Keeping the Fire: From Burnout to Balance and Are You a Corporate Refugee? Creative Strategies to Turn Transition into Transformation. These days, Ruth most loves helping people tell their life stories through Live On.

Ruth Luban bio photo

David Simon


David worked for many years as a trial and appellate lawyer handling civil and criminal cases. He then spent many more years starting and building a successful e-learning company for “compliance” training. A long-time lover of people’s personal stories, he looks forward to spending many more years helping people record theirs for posterity.

David Simon bio photo

Nick Simon


As an Alaskan wilderness guide and documentary filmmaker, Nick has had the good fortune of hearing many people’s stories. He is passionate about storytelling and believes everyone’s story is worth sharing. His ongoing work sharing the stories of the world’s ‘houseless’ population can be found at www.homeisproject.org.

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